Monday, January 14, 2013

Character TD and Unity Developer

I’m an experienced Character TD and Unity Developer specializing in:
    • Rigging, modeling, and animating 3D characters and environments.
    • Tools for rigging, modeling, and animation using Python and MEL for Maya.
    • Gameplay programming using JavaScript and C# for Unity.
    • Physics simulation for destruction, rag-dolls, cloth, hair, and particles.
Rigging, Environment Technical Art, Ragdolls, Facial Animation Setup

EA - Medal Of Honor - Warfighter - Cutscenes
I did extensive rigging and character setup for some film quality cut scenes for EA's Medal Of Honor - Warfighter game. Working with an amazing team at Digital Domain, my job consisted of rigging, weight painting, and creating animation and rigging tools for these photo-realistic cut-scenes.

Animation and Rigging Tools
This video shows the "auto-rigger"  It can take any biped and rig it very quickly. I also have a quadruped version.portion of my character setup tools for Maya. This is done in MEL and Python. I am currently converting it over to Python exclusively, adding more features, and making it more modular.

Gameplay Programming and Animation Blending

This is a link to my personal game I am working on. I did everything you see here including all programming, design, modelling, rigging, animation etc. You can play it right now by clicking this link below (click the image). The art direction for the character was done by my good friend Nick Loucas. Enjoy!

It will prompt you to install the Unity Web Player plugin if you don't already have it installed. Please trust this plugin. It's just like the Flash Player plugin but for 3D graphics.